Too many/Bust: If cards are drawn causing the hard point total to exceed 21, your hand loses.
Surrender: The player has the opportunity to forfeit his original bet and deal, on the initial 2 cards. He automatically loses half of his bet. Surrender is not allowed when the dealer is showing an Ace as first card. Surrender is indicated by moving the index finger from side to side, behind the cards with palm down and verbal confirming.
A HIT is indicated by extending the forefinger and pointing at the table in a clearly visible motion.
STAND is the decision to draw no further cards indicated by a slight horizontal motion with the open hand, palm down.
In order to prevent any misunderstandings or errors, it is required that ALL players indicate their decisions by means of Hand Signals. IMPORTANT RULES IN ARE Players are responsible for the decision to draw additional cards to their own hands(cards).

  • Players are responsible for the decision to draw additional cards to their own hands(cards).
  • The Dealer shall only act on hand signals.
  • The Dealer must stand on 17 and must draw on 16
  • Up to three players may bet on each box.
  • A player may bet on as many boxes as he/she wishes. In the event there are insufficient boxes available to other players, he/she may be asked to give up these boxes, in favour of the other players. In such a case, the player may retain control of one box.
  • A card drawn in error to the Dealer’s completed hand shall be discarded if the card has been exposed. If the card is not exposed, it shall be used as the first card of the new games.
  • A card dealt in error mid-game shall be used as though it were the next card in the shoe.


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